Riccardo Fraccari elected unopposed Chairman of WBSC Baseball Division
Tom Peng (Chinese Taipei) elected 1st Vice President, Hiroko Yamada (Japan) 1st Members at large, and Chen Xu (China) Continental Vice President Asia.

GABORONE, Botswana October 14, 2017 - Riccardo Fraccari (Italy) was confirmed unapposed as the Chairman of WBSC Baseball Division. There were 77 National Federations participating in the voting.
“The next 4 years are going to be very tough” said Fraccari in a brief statement after the voting “My goal is getting closer to National Federations. I want to have a continued dialogue to show them how beneficial for them a relation with WBSC can be.  In our next Executive Board meeting, that will happen in Paris in March, I want to detail a program for the next 4 years”.
Also Treasurer Angelo Vicini (Republic of San Marino) was elected unopposed. Tom Peng was elected First Vice President with 67 out of 74 valid votes. Paul Seiler was elected Second Vice President unopposed. It took 3 more rounds of voting to elect 3 Members at Large: Hiroko Yamada (Japan) got 64 of 74 votes, Benicio Robinson (Pamana) received 63 of 74 valid votes and Luis Melero (Spain) was elected with 61 of 74 valid votes.
In the Executive Board will be sitting also 5 Continental Vice Presidents: Chen Xu (China) for ASIA, Sabe Jlajla (Tunisia) for AFRICA, Tito Pereyra (Dominican Republic) for THE AMERICAS, Didiet Seminet (France) for EUROPE, Laurent Cassier (New Caledonia) for OCEANIA