High school baseball federation proposes letting girls participate in practice sessions at Koshien
Japan News Nov. 25, 2016

The Japan High School Baseball Federation (Koyaren) has submitted a proposal to allow girls to take part in baseball practice sessions at Koshien.
The issue of girls being on the field with boys at the National High School Baseball Championship tournament became the focus of media attention last summer when a female baseball team manager from Oita High was warned by tournament organizers for coming onto the field to help at practice sessions.
Tournament regulations specify that only males are allowed to play on the grounds as part of “hazard prevention” measures. The rules also apply to practice sessions.
Earlier this week, Koyaren put together a proposal to allow girls to participate in the practice sessions, while stating that strict safety measures must be adhered to, Fuji TV reported. The Koshien board of directors will make a final decision on Nov 25.