EC Meeting of Baseball Federation of Asia Strikes Positive Note
China To Host U12 Baseball Championship in Zhongshan

Executive Committee Members from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Chinese Taipei met in Taichung on Monday, Septemer 5, 2016, reviewed and approved activities in the first half of 2016, future tournament plans, and discussed to enhance programs to develop baseball in and outside the Asian region.

BFA President Tom Peng opened the meeting on a positive note by referring to the final game of BFA U-18 Championship between Japan and Chinese Taipei at the Intercontinental Stadium on the night before when all the visiting BFA officials were invited to attend. The players displayed skills comparable to professional baseball which gave us hopes for bright future of our game, said President Peng. He praised efforts by VP Yoshinobu SUZUKI who lead the successful reinstatement campaign to 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which will bring more children to play baseball. In preparation for the Asian Games in Djakarta in 2018, BFA will assign instructors to train umpires and assistance to facilities and staff training are in progress. President Peng also expressed desire to successful reorganization of sports bodies in Korea including KBA. Main resolutions of the conference were as follows:

 2016 BFA 9th U-12 Championship in Zhongshan, China from December 7 – 14, 2016 by 6 teams. Instead of small “C” type, “A” type Kenko World (rubber) Ball, which is identical to regular hard ball in size and weight, will be used for the first time.
 Hong Kong and Thailand are commissioned to identify venue for 2016 BFA 12th Asia Cup – Eastern Division.
 EC approved amendment to BFA Tournament Rules and Regulations for immediate effect.
 Asian Championship qualification and tournament format.
 Tie-breaking and Run Difference.
 2017 Women’s Baseball Asian Cup in Hong Kong. 6 teams, September 2 (Thu.) to 7 (Fri.)
 2017 BFA 28th Asian Championship in New Taipei City, 8 team, from end of September to early October.
 2017 BFA 13th Asia Cup – Western Division to be held in Pakistan.
 2017 BFA 9th U-15 Baseball Championship to be decided later.
 EC Meeting resolved to find ways to host future WBSC Baseball Championships in Asia without incurring too much financial burden on the host Federations.
 The next EC meeting will be held in Fukuoka, Japan in February, 2017