“YC&AC” Takes On “University of Tokyo” Restaging Baseball Competition of 120 Years Ago
The First International Match in 1896 in Yokohama Set Off the Rise of Baseball in Japan

The old and prestigious Yokohama Country & Athletic Club (YC&AC) is hosting “Field of Dreams 2016” to celebrate the 120 years of Baseball Friendship at their grounds on Saturday, June 11, 2016, starting with opening ceremony at noon, 12:00, followed by baseball games, panel discussions and BBQ party.

According to renowned historian Mr. Mike Galbraith, “Baseball’s rise to ascendancy as Japan’s most popular western sport began in 1896 when four baseball games played between May 23 and July 4 - three on the YC&AC’s cricket ground in the center of what is now Yokohama Koen/Park and one in Tokyo – rocketed the level of Japanese interest in the sport, game by game. “

One of the 3 Japanese teams involved was the Tokyo Higher School (better known as the First Higher School or ICHIKO) which was a school to prepare students to enter the Imperial University (now the University of Tokyo).

Full story entitled “LEGENDARY 1896 YC&AC vs. ICHIKO BASEBALL GAMES” by Mr. Mike Galbraith will appear on this website together with the result of the event on next Saturday in coming days.


(By Baseball Federation of Japan)