Chinese Taipei defeats Japan in finale to win 8th U-15 Asian Baseball Championship in Izu

The Chinese Taipei U-15 National Team defeated host nation Japan, 2-0, in the finale of the 8th U-15 Asian Baseball Championship in Izu on October 12. Chinese Taipei captured its third consecutive Asian title (2010 in Bangkok, Thailand, 2012 in Orissa, India and 2015 in Shizuoka, Japan), sending Japan and Korea in 2nd and 3rd places respectively for the third time in a row.
They were followed by China, Thailand and Pakistan in this Championship.
Individual Awards

Leading hitter --Yamamoto Shota (JPN)
Pitcher with best earned run average -- Lin Ching Kai (TPE)
Pitcher with best won/loss average -- Lin Ching Kai (TPE)
Most runs batted in -- Hu Kuan Yu (TPE)
Most home runs -- Hu Kuan Yu (TPE)
Most stolen bases -- Chiang Sheng Chun (TPE)
Most runs scored -- Chiang Sheng Chun (TPE)
Outstanding defensive player -- Abe Hiromu (JPN)
Most valuable player -- Lin Yi Ta (TPE)

All Star Team

Best pitchers -- Lin Ching Kai (TPE)
Best pitchers -- Son Mink Yu (KOR)
Best catcher -- Abe Hiromu (JPN)
Best first baseman -- Guo Zih Heng (TPE)
Best second baseman -- Hu Kuan Yu (TPE)
Best third baseman -- Chiang Kai Yu (TPE)
Best shortstop -- Tsubakihara Rui (JPN)
Best outfielders -- Peng Yuan Cheieh (TPE)
Best outfielders -- Chiang Sheng Chun (TPE)
Best outfielders -- Nakamura Keita (JPN)